Nola Geny

Nola Geny



She could be considered Moon Beach Girls' Academy's first "political prisoner." A misguided but bright and courageous young member of the Clown Tribe, or Circo Tulala, Nola irritated local authorities by her aggressive and radical rabble-rousing.

At the tender age of 15, Nola G., as she liked to call herself, somehow managed to organize a small radical group of impressionable misfits called "Circulo Da Anarquia," or CDA, whose intent it was to overthrow the Imperial government and its Acrobat Empress, Her Eternal Radiance Eris II.

Unfortunately for the CDA, they weren't quite sure what they were going to replace it with.

Just the same, this waifish little slip of a clowngirl's ability to organize was impressive. After a few loud and boisterous demonstrations embarrassed the Empress in front of a delegation of visiting foreign dignitaries, the Carniville Academy student was sent packing - off to the far reaches of the Empire and the Moon Beach Girls' Academy.

Footing the bill for Nola's 'tuition' was none other than the King of Clowns and Nola G.'s hero, Pucky Luxx. It seems that the young woman's political daring-do was drawing unwanted attention on some of the Tribe's more covert and nefarious operations - a fact that Nola was not aware of, but would soon learn well once teamed with "The Duchess of Moon Island," teammate and classmate, Iris Curvas.

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