Daisy Delgato

Daisy Delgato - The Identical Cousin

After she was exiled to Moon Island and her father mysteriously passed away while illegally pearl-diving, the lovely, voluptuous and dangerous little Nina Pequena, seemed alone in the world without family and without hope.

Fortunately, if not immediately so, for her, that was not true. For one thing, she did have one fairly important cousin in Rusty Naelhre, a talented and popular man of means, it not political power. But was not realized at the time, either by her, or the tribe that exiled her, was that her long-deceased Argentinian mother, eaten by sharks, had an identical twin sister back in La Pampa, who'd moved with her small hoard to Miami, in the United States.

Valentina Delgato had a daughter who was roughly Nina's age, named Margarita, but nicknamed "Daisy" by some of her male schoolmates in Little Argentina for various reasons, including the length, or lack thereof, of her cut-off jeans. At least they didn't call her "Tits," though that was usually the topic of discussion whenever boys talked about her. Yes, like her long estranged and troubled Carnipelagian cousin, Daisy had a precocious figure. She also bore an uncanny resemblance to Nina, both in face, figure, and diminutive stature. Unlike Nina, she was a good student by all accounts, adored by her teachers, and took part in many extra-curricular activities at her American high school. But upon graduation, she suprised her mother and teachers by deciding to eschew college for the time being so that she could "see the world."

Somehow, unknown to all, the young lady had accumulated an impressive bank account from a very mysterious source or sources. She had worked for a time after school as a motel cleaning lady, but her kitty was far too significant to have been stocked from that limited resource. Perhaps not. Either way, she had her heart sent on travel and was particularly fascinated with the tiny island nation that the family universally blamed for having stolen her aunt. When news finally reached the family, 14 years after her death, that Margarita's long-lost aunt had left behind a daughter, a cousin to her, who was now orphaned, she saw it as a sign, and decided to somehow get to this remote and somewhat unaccessible island to find her cousin.

Her original idea, encouraged by her mother, was to bring Nina back to Little Argentina and away from the barbaric Circo Tulala who'd chased away her mother and killed (they believed) her father. But like many who find themselves refreshed by the cool zephyrs on the beaches along the Sea of Secrets, leaving Carnipelago is not so easy...

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