Marielle Souza

Marielle Souza


Many people from far off lands have drifted their way to the Sea of Secrets and onto the shorts of Carnipelago for various reasons, but Marielle's reason for forking over the exorbitant "Tourist Fee" and coming to the coconut republic was a bit unusual.

She was here to marry a prince.

Of what she thought was a prince, by normal standards, meaning royalty, fame and riches and all of that. But the Prince she met was one of the Carnipelagian variety, a high-ranking athlete in the communal, secluded and cult-like Caseme Arvore tribe, also known as the Acrobats.

We will save most of the details of her story to an up-coming edition of Venus Island Confidential, but suffice it to say that Marielle met Boy V, one of the Imperial Acrobat Troupe's star tumblers, while the circus act was on a sort of world tour and staying for the week in Rio de Janiero. Caseme Acrobats call each other "prince and princess" much like some religious organizations might call each other "brother and sister", but they are members of a royal court of sorts that surround the reigning Empress of Carnipelago, Eris II. Basically, there are dozens of Carnipelagian princes and princesses, and none of them are particularly wealthy, despite their high social status. And all of them live in the secluded jungle compound that gives the tribe its name - The Treehouses. And anyone not a member of the tribe is rarely welcome, let alone a foriegner.

So we don't know how drunk Boy V must have gotten one night in Rio while not swinging from the trapeze without a net, but he must have made some promises to a lovely showgirl named Marielle Souza that clearly he could not keep and told some stories that were flavored by some level of exaggeration.

Poor Marielle traveled across the ocean weeks later, thinking that her "prince" would be thrilled to see her again, and found herself facing a different reality. But Marielle, found something, like so many before her did, that made her stay in the Venus Islands for good. As mentioned above, her story will be featured in an edition of Venus Island Confidential in the future.

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