Odete Soares

Odete Soares - The Intern

Just because you have a killer body, lush Carnipelagian features, and sultry ice blue ice to go with all that, that doesn't mean you have no brain cells. In fact, The King Of Clowns seems to have a way of finding women that are more than just a pretty face and a great rack. Whether that's by design or by coincidence is unknown up to now, but Odete did not have to shake her pretty tits to get Mestre Luxx's attention... or get a job with the growing Silver Seal and Clown Tribal empire, majority owners of Venus Island Girl in the mid '80's.

Despite the Venus Islands' reputation as a tropical, carefree playground for the filthy rich and randy, Carnipelago's native population are largely what you would call working-class. And some are just poor.

Wrapping up a brilliant little student career at Carniville Academy, young Odete found her prospects for the good life somewhat bleak in her run down section of Springfield. Clown girls from the Circo Tulala tribe tend to be on the low end of the totem pole when in the local job market for a number of reasons, many largely prejudicial.

Would the Academy's leading math wizard of the class of '84 have to wiggle and strip to make an honest living in her tiny Island home? She certainly has the assets for that. But to a powerful man in need of a trustworthy accountant and administrative assistant, perhaps great tits and a nice ass are a clam a dozen...

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