Una Dali

Una Dali


Smart, petite, and athletic, Una Dali was originally an "experimental" exchange student at the ethically-challenged Moon Beach Academy for Girls. Needing a quality driver for their championship water polo team, the school reached out to several European communities, touting itself as an "early college" with degree programs in various fields of study, most notably, marine biology.

(It is not known whether Una is or was related to the famed surrealist, also of Catalan decent, but at times her petite but quite buxom form has been called quite surreal.)

Una rifled through the pamphlet she found at her school in Barcelona and didn't pay it much heed until a particularly nasty breakup with her boyfriend of several years. Her boyfriend just happened to be a powerful rector at la universidad, and getting him out of her head, and her business, was quite difficult.

They all come to Carnipelago for so many different reasons, and Una wanted to escape what she considered a male-dominated academic environment in Catalonia, whether real or imagined.

Initially horrified by what she found at the small school, which was in middle of a transition from a reform school for out-of-control teens to more of a college and professional athletic club, Una soon fell in love with her new home, not just Moon Island, but eventually the entire country. Emersing herself in both her studies (unlike many of the existing student population) and her role as a driver for the Mermaids, for which she was granted not only full tuition, but a hefty stipend. Una was very small, slim, and hard to cover in the pool and the girls on the team soon dubbed her "The Minnow".

After spending so much time with buxom young women like Iris Curvas, Angel Sputz, and Randi Gatinho, and having lost her rector boyfield to a much bustier co-ed back in Catalona, Una began to feel somewhat insecure about her figure, notibly its lack of bustiness. Una was gorgeous and sexy, but one day she decided that she just had to have them enhanced. It was then that Randi, who'd just had her own figure enhanced to match that of her friends Iris and Angel, introduced her to the shady, but gifted doctor, Xavier Dupree. Dr. Dupree was a tourist from Quebec and a talented plastic surgeon who found that he could spend months at a time in Carnipelago offering breast enhancements and other cosmetic surgeries out of a makeshift office in Springfield, and often did his work for sexual favors instead of money.

Did Una build her remarkable chest by having sex with Dr. Dupree? Nobody knows for sure; the doctor had always promised and delivered the utmost of discretion. But the two did become very, very close. Una would often meet him at the harbor when he would arrive for one of his month-long vacations from his practice in Saguenay. And the doctor's surgical output did decline precipitously after his introduction to our lovely Mermaid Una.

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