Xe Serves Some Bad-ass V-Ball



This chick can kick your ass. At least in the popular sport of beach volleyball. Xe (pronounced "shay" and she has dropped her last name like many sports stars of the Southern Hemisphere), and her partner, the leggy Vica Ponto (not pictured), collectively known as "Flamingo", were local sports superstars since the day they were recruited to play for their club.

Clube Do Voleibol De Springfield Flamingo is the name of the oldest professional sports clubs in the Imperial Republic of Carnipelago. Nobody is really sure how it got its name, and not many still speak old Carnish tongue, a bastardized, Brazilian-flavored dialect of Portuguese that came over with many of the first working-class carnies of the Carnival Guild.

Whether it refers to the pink wading bird or is some secret word whose meaning is lost, the name Flamingo has come to mean a great beach volleyball duo.

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