Effie Jo Pflughalter

Effie Jo Pflughalter at the Bumper Derby

Effie Jo may at times look like, well, at the risk of offending her, a bimbo. But as usually here in the sunny Venus Islands of Carnipelago, things are not always what they seem. Effie is the heiress of a small little goldfish pavilion game at the sprawling Island amusement park, Carniville Park. It had been in her family for ages, in fact, ever since the park was built back around the turn of the century. After she graduated from the Academy, the Pavilion was left to her to manage by her aging father, who wanted to spend the rest of his days fishing and watching water polo on the Island's one television station. Once she was officially a business woman, Effie's charm and good looks (including her killer bod) won over many a tourist, and more importantly, made her a favorite friend and confident of many an island muckedy muck, including Venus Island Girl Chairman, Pucky Luxx. Inspired by her elder gentlemen friends, Effie decided to join them in the ranks of entreprenuership and after a few sputtering starts, was eventually successful. She would go on to build her own little empire within the Empire, including a successful "Ladie's Club" - a nightclub that featured male strippers exclusively - called Kitten's Kockpit.

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