Lane Wade

Lane Wade


Lead guitarist for the notorious Hard Rock Love Pops, Lane is an occasional member of the Silver Seal houseband, The Silver Seal Combo.

When she appears with the Combo, she's often confused with one of the Showgirls for some odd reason. Perhaps its her charming smile or the dancerlike grace of her walk. It could also be her lovely, deep-toned Carnipelagian complexion or the cute and often provocative outfits she wears on and off the stage.

It could also be, just maybe, the ridiculously plump size and shape of her tits. Just maybe.

"People always ask me if I need to have a guitar custom-made to accomodate my boobs," says Lane, "I've thought about it, but no. But Rusty (Love Pops lead singer, bassist and guitarist) needs a specially shaped bass to accommodate the tents he usually pitches in those tight pants when I stand too close to him."

Ah, Lane. So refreshingly irreverent. So cheeky.

"Of course, I'm kidding...


One thing is for certain. Lane can play with that axe with the best of them. Her "sit-ins" with the Combo are worth the cover charge alone, according to most regular patrons of the notorius night club.

In addition to her own guitarwork, Lane is also one of the most popular disc jockeys in the tiny island republic, both on the tiny short wave station and in the nightclubs, keeping her fellow Venus Islanders up to date with the latest trends in New Wave and Disco music. (Originally written in 1985.)

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