Celia Lobo

Celia Lobo - In The Motel Room With You

The "Petite Piranha" as she is known in Carnipelago's Water Polo circles, Celia is a wild and reckless young woman in a tiny little package. Celia always was the smallest girl in her class or on her team and paid the price of childhood taunting for it. She eventually learned to turn the table on whoever might want to bully her, becoming both fierce and fearless, both in the school yard and in the pool, where she earned her nickname as a driver for the Carniville Academy Nymphs. Despite her diminutive stature, she could swim like a shark and squirt through coverages like a watermelon seed, often leaving defenders with a nasty little welt or bruise beneath the rippling surface.

Upon her graduation from the Academy, she took the same daring and wild approach to scoring with men as she did scoring goals in the water polo pool. Aggressive and physical beyond her tiny frame, she soon found a page of her own in the little black books of some of Carnipelago's wealthiest and most notable men.

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