Umi Suba

Umi In Sling

From a working-class neighborhood in Springfield, CI, young Umi studied aeronautics at the local public Carniville Academy and graduated to become one of the island nation's finest air balloon pilots, logging endless hours high above the archipelago and its Sea of Secrets.

Hired to fly regular charters to his sprawling complex of iniquity on the otherwise barren Fornax Island, Umi took a liking to Pucky Luxx, the proprietor of the notorious Silver Seal, and the principal owner of Venus Island Girl magazine. "King Lucky" as he was often known, returned the fondness and offered the athletic and buxom pilot a featured role as a dancer in his spectacular floor show.

Her dark features, sleek build and thick brown hair epitomizes the beauty of her deep-rooted Carnipelagian Carnival Guild heritage. Umi could trace her roots back to the Original Landers who first settled the Venus Islands, and known to be adept as a swimmer, water polo player, and angler as well as being a balloon pilot and go-go dancer.

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