Fiona Fine

Fiona Fine - Waitress


With two of the finest gams to ever stride along the streets of her small fishing village of Carnopolis, Fiona served drinks and snacks at the Flukes II, a flashy disco built within an old seaside marina. In her spare time, she served as a bird trainer's apprentice, managing homing pigeons and falcons, which were still in great use on the islands even well into the early 1990's.

Terribly shy, she was recruited by her fellow Carnish villagers to represent Carnopolis in the annual Miss Carnipelago pageant. For the talent competition, she displayed her falconry skills, a first for the gaudy annual contest. She was promptly but unsuccessfully recruited for a similar waitressing position at the Silver Seal, but did agree eventually to appear in a few clothing shoots for Venus Island Girl.

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