Kitty Sue Kelsey

Kitty Sue Kelsey



Kitty Sue's amazing body made her an instant hit when she was old enough to enter the American porn industry in the early 1980's. Her clever, often self-effacing sense of humor charmed many around her, and before long she was seen in the company of many handsome young mainstream actors, and became a paparazzi and tabloid sensation. While her enormous breasts would keep her image away from the comparatively conservative media outlets, she was quickly on her way to becoming one of the most well-known porn actresses and models of her day.

But she did not become a household name in the United States until her unfortunate appearance with yet another well-known sitcom actor at yet another exclusive Malibu party. This time, the man on who's arm she arrived was found dead at her side in a small guest room as a few partygoers inadvertantly entered, catching Kitty with quite the look of guilt in her lovely face. She was a good actress... for porn, perhaps, but when the local DA, determined to make an example of this queen of everything wrong with what he called "Disco Society" found her portrayal as an innocent and bereaved bystander less than convincing... she did what any smart, rich, and guilty American might do.

She fled the country.

And as the old Steely Dan popular song of that era once sang, "Oh, no, Guadalajara won't do." Kitty took a steamer half-way to Africa to a spot one of her rich, depraved sugar daddies once raved about: The Imperial Republic of Carnipelago.

She never left.

(Kitty will soon be the subject of a Venus Island Confidential short entitled "Call Me Kitty." The first 15 pages or so are already available to those who follow Carnipelagian artist CottonKidd on

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