Venus Island Confidential: Edition 3

Originally Released: 
September, 1993
Current Status: 
Members Only


This edition of Venus Island Confidential contains the third edition of "The Blue Ball Diaries" and the debut episode of the highly licentious "Secret Life Of Mermaids".

In "The Blue Ball Diaries," Rusty is rescued from a raging tropical storm by a strange and incredibly voluptuous government official, Tami Tizzi-Nash. Tami is not all she seems to be at first and has more than one surprise for her rescuee and a severe test to his pact of prudence.

In "The Secret Life Of Mermaids," an inner circle of championship water polo players create a dangerous and salacious game amongst themselves. What started out as a simple game of double-dares soon becomes a lurid quest for control and secret access to their country's most power men.

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