Venus Island Confidential: Edition 1

Kyndra Lee
Originally Released: 
May, 1985
Current Status: 
Members Only


Venus Island Confidential is a series of short stories and articles documenting the steamy and often lascivious side of the former Imperial Republic of Carnipelago. Unlike Venus Island Girl, and our efforts to digitize and re-release some of the sexier pages from the former magazine, Confidential contains more prose and involves content too personal and scandalous to have been revealed during the tiny island nation's lifetime.

After the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Blowhole in 1993, the event that changed island life forever, the stories in Confidential were revealed during survivor interviews and journals and is presented here for your perusal. These stories are for adults only and contain images and prose that involves content of a highly sexual nature.

In the very first edition of Venus Island Confidential, we lead off with two series of stories:

The Blue Ball Diaries: A big fish in a small pond, rock musician Rusty Naelhre, aspires to greatness and considers himself worthy of tribal leadership if or when the reigning leader, Pucky Luxx, King of Clowns, passes away or decides to retire. His inquiries lead him to commit to a pact with Luxx that require him to abstain from sex for a lengthy period of time. For many, this might seem a small price to pay for a lifetime of power, but for a young man with legions of lady fans, this makes life a bit more than, shall we say, complex. In addition, the reigning King himself, may have already regretted the pact, as he finds ways to tempt his protege, through his vast connections to the female population of the island republic, with constant assaults on his vow of celibacy.

Kyndra Loves You: The lovely, young Kyndra Ambleton was raised and homeschooled in virtual obscurity by her powerful father, a leader of the mysterious Ancient Keeper Tribe until the day she was discovered by none other than the King of Clowns and nightclub empressario Pucky Luxx who was determined to make her one of the stars of his growing entertainment empire. He was the one man Kyndra's father could not refuse, and eventually saw the brighter side of having a well-paid sex symbol daughter, one way or the other. Suddenly Kyndra is bathed in male affection from both local charmers to filthy rich tourists and finds unusual ways to navigate her new status in life.


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