Yoana And Luana Lopes



No one is really quite sure which is which, Luana or Yoana, and there is no documentation to support any opinion either way. It is generally believed that Luana is the one with the braces who occasionally wears eyeglasses and Yoana is the more socially aggressive (some may say 'outgoing') of the two.

In fact, it was believed that they were, indeed, one person, for quite some time, until an incident involving the girls' alleged 'kidnapping' of an Imperial Lifeguard revealed that there were two Lopes girls. The lifeguard refused to press charges against the teenage twins.

The two girls originally moved to the 'Big Island' of Carniville from their remote little home of Taylor Island to pursue careers in the entertainment industry and live with their 'Aunt Beatriz'. No one has ever met this woman, and it is often believed that the rowdy teenagers completed their schooling at Carniville Academy, despite many brushes with school code and threatened expulsions for their behavior, while living in a Greysby Hotel condo completely on their own.

Whatever the case, the two petite and svelte girls found a way to insinuate themselves into Carniville society, eventually taking up an offer from the local teen idol, Rusty Naelhre, to join his band, occassionally, as backup singers and dancers. And they really are quite good at that. Together the two found a way to support themselves in Carniville Island... or maybe there really was an "Aunt Bea".

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