Daisy Delgato's Sampler Gallery

Daisy Delgato at the Park

Finally, after a long hiatus, Venus Island Girl perks up again with a surprise! A new character has emerged as our staff put together the pieces of our Carnipelagian stories. Unknown until very recently, the voluptuous, gorgeous but troubled little clowngirl, Nina Pequena, had a cousin in the United States that she'd never met. Margarita "Daisy" Delgato, born in the rural La Pampa region of Argentina and raised in Little Argentina in Miama, Florida, was a dead ringer for Nina, most likely due to the fact that their mothers were identical twins. But was there another reason their DNA was so similar? That is yet to be known, if ever. However, while Nina languished in exile on Moon Island, her cousin left Miami to come look for her along the shores of the Sea of Secrets. Her story has yet to be told but we can now submit a sampler gallery for your approval.

More on Daisy here. The new Daisy gallery is here.

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