Deximo Zincavage - Photographer

Deximo Zincavage - Photographer for Venus Island Girl - 1980 - 1992

Even a small country in the middle of nowhere has its celebrities, and with that comes the paparazzi. Someone had to do it, and it was Deximo, who annoyed many with his old-fashioned flash bulb popping, chasing anyone who seemed the least bit glamourous - from local models and stage actors to jai alai players.

But eventually, this self-made, self-trained photographer would land a steady gig after freelancing wrecklessly across the Sea of Secrets. When one of the country's two local papers, The Springfield Daily News, decided to start a 'Society' column, of course, they needed Deximo - after all, he had cornered the market capturing big fish in a very little bowl.

Of course, he loved the ladies, and photographing them, and when Venus Island Girl Chairman Of The Board Pucky Luxx asked Deximo to become his feature photographer, the two of them completely changed the history and vision of the one-time glossy fashion mag.

For more on Deximo and the evolution of the magazine, check this out.

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